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The Fashion Stage is Back

Are you a Retailer?? Artist?? Are you looking for an address to showcase or sell your product? ….Yes! We can offer you a city centre location in Temple Bar including a coffee shop, great view and vibe all under one roof. We want to hear from you…!!!!!

The Fashion Stage Application Form



The Fashion Stage @ Mindfield Festival

The Scene

The Fashion Stage

The Generic Issue

So as I sit in a bar in the city centre I wonder to myself is everybody walking around with generic clothing. Over produced, copied and under stating wears that feel so boring. May e it is a sign of the times where unique pieces are unaffordable and hard to come by. The over heads that boutiques have are huge and the foot fall is just not there. I’ll give you the example of Circus. One of the first, what I would consider, real boutiques in Ireland. With cutting edge designs, a steady clientele and a clear vision for their future was forced to close
It’s door’s because of ridicules over heads. i.e rent! So now with our space we have a clear vision of what we want to do. Bring the boutique back and demolish the idea that it is expensive. We can bring you a boutique experience every weekend with an ever evolving line. We will always evolve!!! Happy shopping


The Fashion Stage

Location:S Great Georges St,Dublin,Ireland

An Alternate Use of Space

We here at The Fashion Stage are striving to reuse space that is lying idle around our city. The idea came about when my self and Veronica were in Buenos Aires 5 years ago. Not only were we inspired to get involved in the world of retail but we also wanted to bring something new to Dublin.

In Buenos Aires every day they use every bit of available space for retail. Be it night clubs, bars, cafes or car parks, no place is left un touched by commerce. From retailers to jewellers, artists to metal workers everybody is trading something. At the time  Argentina  was in the depths of a long depression yet everywhere we turned there were people being creative with both space and product.

So back to what we are about. We approached the wonderfully creative guys at The Twisted Pepper with our idea of installing a full retail space in their club. And so The Fashion Stage was born. We have gathered together a band of retailers from all over Dublin who have been braving the difficult financial times by getting involved in the retail trade at markets in the city. What we all have in common is the idea to bring a real alternative to the high street shopping we have all become accustomed too. Every week we  will evolve and expand our concept to bring you a new way to shop. We will meld fashion, art and music to bring you the ultimate retail space.

In our newly formed space you are able to sample the finest coffee our country has ever seen, brought to you by Colin Harmon and his team  @ 3FE or drink cocktails that are freshly blended at the bar from 2pm every afternoon, all while you shop at Irelands freshest shopping experience.



The Fashion Stage @ The Twisted Pepper 54 Middle Abbey St. becomes the latest Fashion Retail space to open in the heart of Dublin City.
A limited clothing line, focusing mainly on vintage, contemporary, t-shirts, dresses, accessories and jew…elry.
The Fashion Stage @ The Twisted Pepper aims to create a retail concept store that encourages a New approach to shopping, including regular exhibitions from artists. Come and Enjoy retail therapy with a ‘Twist’!


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